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ECOWIN, Ltd. Wind measurement

The first step in any wind project is the initial site assessment to verify the suitability of the site for planned wind turbines. Site evaluation involves the collection of meteorological data (measurement), processing (calculations) and interpretation.

A full report on the wind measurement for 12-24 months is the only real justification for project viability, as it reflects the parameters on which depends turbines productivity.

Equipment and methodology

Installing our wind monitoring equipment, we use only industry standard equipment from - Ammonit, Kintech, Second Wind, Thies, Vector Instruments, Campbell Scientific un Nexgen.

We offer a range of instruments to measure:

  • mean and maximum wind speeds in any interval;
  • turbulence intensity;
  • wind speed distribution as well as Weibull distribution;
  • detailed wind rose;
  • air density (including temperature, humidity and barometric pressure);
  • wind turbines productivity and efficiency of any make or model.

We have all the equipment, skills and knowledge to help develop your site, whether you are considering a small or large wind turbine. We are able to offer services to the highest standards such as IEC and MEASNET.

We can perform wind measurement at various heights, using tubular and lattice masts from 12 to 140m. Regardless of mast height, there are no need for concrete foundation or any other interference in local infrastructure. This is why, after measurement campaign is done, all that is left behind are footprints.

The service includes site inspection, and selection of most optimal site. This is followed by installation of appropriate met mast. Once the measurements have been performed, a summary report is being prepared. In addition, as well as summary report, reports can be prepared for each month to show more detailed reflection of wind parameters.

In addition to direct wind measurements, we offer to make the correlation with long-term data to fully eliminate any uncertainty in the site evaluation.

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